Mercy Health Grand Rapids Saint Mary’s


Mercy Health Grand Rapids Saint Mary’s

Muse 2, 2011
Arcrylic on canvas
56.1/2” x 218.1/2”


“The President and CEO of Saint Mary’s Health Care charged the Art Committee for the organization to identify and ultimately acquire artwork to be installed near the Executive Offices located in the main hospital. The area is directly across from the patient/visitor elevators and is viewed by many throughout the day. It was an important project and artwork displayed in this area needed to be extraordinary for its prominent showcase.


The Art Committee was familiar with the work of Sheila Grant through her past submissions in ArtPrize and we had hoped to work with her in some capacity in the future. When this project was brought to our attention, Ms. Grant was top on our list of artists to contact for her concepts for the space.


Sheila Grant is an exceptional artist who takes the time to understand the scope of a project by listening to her clients and to their needs. She was able to develop an idea that considered the personal interests of our President and CEO while also meeting the guidelines of our policy for art in a health care setting.


During the course of the project, we connected Ms. Grant with a consultant who provides framing and installation services. Our expectation was that the two of them would work together to finalize the concept to include framing and installation costs so that we would have a final price to meet our budget. Ms. Grant and our consultant worked very well together and took care of many of the details behind-the-scenes so it made it very easy for us.


Once the artwork was installed, we were even more impressed with the final work and her follow-through to assure our complete satisfaction. Our President and CEO who commissioned the project felt that the pieces “exceeded his expectations” and “added a visual image that engages the patients, visitors, and staff while enhancing our healing environment at the same time.” In addition, we have received numerous accolades from other staff and visitors who have echoed the comments from our President and CEO.


I would strongly recommend working with Sheila Grant who is a talented artist with a compassionate spirit and innate ability to work with and understand her clients’ needs. Her artwork is exceptional and definitely met the needs for our project. Most importantly, her work helps us transform health and healing through art.”




Michelle Rabideau
Executive Director Saint Mary’s Foundation