The Artist

The Artist

Sheila Grant

Art, in my view, is emotions coming into the world in another form for oneself and others. My process as an artist is deeply personal. It explores my inner, wordless dialogue and feelings, and uses the canvas as a visual record of that process. The creative process serves as a vehicle for reflection and transformation, allowing what is within to flow outside and onto the canvas. My medium of choice has changed over time but a consistent theme in all my work is emotional expression, energy and the exploration of mood through color.

My work focuses on the cosmos and multiple viewpoints of earth’s surfaces to explore the emotional landscape of the human experience. Enveloped by space, it’s energy, velocity, continual movement and stillness makes us turn inward to explore the vastness within our own being. Our emotional expansion and reflection ebbs and flows and resonates with the primal power of space. With the colors, textures and movement of my art, I try to emote that which overwhelms and empowers us.

I am drawn to abstraction in my painting because it omits form and representation thereby removing our tendency to categorize. Color, texture, and movement take over as the avenue of expression. I use techniques of layered color blocking, fluid paint methods, and controlled textured mediums to engender vibrancy and a sense of viscosity to the work.

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